Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New York city is all about looks, but don't be duped by its glitter.

New York Alpha Male  vs. Prince Charming
 What would you feel if a good-looking stranger tells you that you are beautiful, smart, have the most gorgeous smile and incredible eyes? Probably, you would melt inside and smile wider, right? You would accept it as a compliment. A woman who lives in New York would smile at the compliment. But she would have double thoughts about a stranger's intentions. She would think: "Is he going to sell me something?", "What does he do?", "Where does he live?", "Where is he going to invite me for dinner?", and etc. Why? First, NY woman knows that every action has double meaning, men like playing alpha males to get everything they want from a woman. Second, New York woman is looking for a man from her circle or better circle, someone who makes good money, independent and well-established. These are unwritten rules in New York, everyone plays the same game: "hard to get and get it hard".

  I didn't know about all these "new york's rules" when I got here. Of course, I blame my pink glasses that made everyone look so ... "pink":) My first alpha male was a producer from Hollywood. Now I wish he was from Bollywood, at least I could say that we had misunderstood each other. I met Mr. Hollywood at the restaurant where I worked as a waitress. He was very handsome, well-spoken and intelligent. He invited me for dinner and offered a researcher position. He explained that he was making a documentary about immigrants in New York. He promised me a decent payment. He explained that he was working from home, his office was located in Los Angeles, and he was looking for a new office space in New York. In the morning when I got to his apartment, he was half naked. He asked me to make coffee while he was taking a shower. I walked to the kitchen, and started making coffee for him. He walked out of the shower wearing just a towel. I felt very uncomfortable. He said that I could become a great actress, and he could help me. I said I was more interested  in a researcher position. He smiled and called me "silly babe". Then he asked if I was good at massage. I felt that I was getting into a trap. I told him that I had to use a restroom, and ran towards the exit door. When I got outside, I kept running till I got on the subway. Mr. Hollywood wasn't that holy after all. 
  I met a lot of producers, vice presidents, presidents, art directors and all of them were playing the same game just using different words and offering different "fakeportunities". Game is always on in New York City. 
You might think if there are decent men in NYC. Yes, there are such men, but they are either already in relationship, or should be discovered like gold. Please don't make a "men rush":) These 'golden men" can be found in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island and upstate NY. Look for them outside of Manhattan.
Let me know if you find one!

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